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Young Westchester musicians - come play with us.

Some years ago at the urging of the Chairman of the Port Chester Schools Music Department (and PCMS Band Director), Ken Kraut, I started playing with the marching band sponsored by the local American Legion Post.  It was a chance to play some baritone and to get my baritone chops back in shape playing the marches I love.  The band was losing members mostly because the original members were getting too old to play and no new players were joining.  About that time I had started my volunteer program with the low brass at Port Chester Middle School, again at Director Kraut's urging and encouragement.  It immediately occurred to me that I could "feed two birds with one loaf" (a softened version of the familiar phrase) and use the Legion Band as an incentive to get my students to work at learning their instruments while at the same time bring new young members into the Legion Band.  Well it worked far better than I imagined.  Today the Legion Band is loaded with Port Chester Middle School and High School students and we have a thriving community organization.  We have plenty of enthusiastic young players who make $500 to $700 for the season and as older students move on to other things we fill in with a crop of young new players.  Nothing improves your playing like playing and our repertoire of classic military marches provides plenty of technical challenge.  And the kids all play better after playing us.  On top of that we play for the local Memorial Day celebration and parade (and others, as well), Veteran's Day and 9/11 ceremonies and a sit-down performance at the local July 4th fireworks show.  It feels good to be a part of the community and to be able to contribute to the feeling of community through music.  Once again my special thanks to Director Kraut and Tony and Laurie who run the band.

Tony and Laurie Bubbico - co-directors.

The Band on July 4, 2007 in Peekskill, NY

  The Band on July 4, 2004 in Peekskill, NY

 Port Chester High School and Middle School Members 2004

The Band in Peekskill on July 4, 2006

Tony plays Taps, Memorial Day
May 28, 2007, Port Chester, NY

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