The (47 MP3) tracks presented here represent a broad range of music and projects that I've been involved in.  However, it is only a small fraction of the demos, live recording and proof of concept recordings that I've done on my own, with others and with the Nails.

When I think of the term "recording artist" I think of an artist who uses the recording studio as the medium.  I regard the recording process like a painter regards his palette of paints and choice of canvases.  Like the painter I am free to depict things as they are or create things that never existed before, but I lean heavily to creating things that never existed before.  And like the painter it is the recording artist's duty to learn the craft to be able to use the technology for creative advantage.  My recording influences range from Les Paul and David Seville to Sr. George Martin and Frank Zappa.

My Current Work - Recorded using a variety of computer digital audio tools.

The Nails - Cuts unavailable anywhere else with extensive commentary, graphics and album art.

The Seven Points Gang.  1987 collaboration (Douglas, Steve and me).

Miscellaneous.  Other artists Dave and I produced using equipment like the machine you see below.  This is really obscure stuff.

Music Home

Primitive audio storage device.  We would "store" our "wav" files on the linear media that ran from one "spool" to the other.  Incredibly reliable.  Never crashed, no clicks or pops, no corrupted files.  Nice big meters you could see across the room.  Weighs about the same as a pile of bricks of the same size.  An extra added benefit:  if your level "went into the red" it just sounded better.  But it's been replaced by something much, much better.  Right?