For 10 years I was a partner and Vice President of Pragmatic Designs Inc. (PDI), based in City Island, New York.  At PDI we released 100 sound chips (also know as "speech ICs" in the industry) a year.  At the height of our production we had 4 engineers working 10 hours a day, plus a lab tech/model maker and front office staff.  Our clients were virtually all the high profile toy manufacturers and many small manufacturers as well.  We also serviced the promotions industry, particularly pharmaceutical promotions.  Our services included engineering (hardware and circuit design), software, sound encoding, model making and content creation.  The extra special talent that we brought to the party was our creativity.  For many years we just gave our content away as part of the fee for our engineering services.  The value added that our content brought to a product allowed us to transition our business from fee work to royalty-based.  Most of the items in the gallery are original ideas that we prototyped, presented and subsequently licensed to a variety of manufacturers.  In the past few years I've branched into promotional items, consumer electronics and custom displays

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