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"Pink Microjammer" - toy rock guitar.  My crowning glory, as featured in the movie Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise.

If you have questions, please feel free to call or e-mail (info@gmkmg.com).

Retail Products.  Looking for a self-recordable product (module, blank greeting cards and gift boxes) for a unique gift or for a prototyping or proof of concept?  Follow this link:  Recordable Products. 

Sound Chip Modules.   For Inventors, model makers, designers and engineers and anyone who might need to make something talk, sing, play a sound effect, flash lights or LEDs or control motors.  Use for displays, POP displays, trade show demos, proof of concept, etc.  You can now get a "black box" or "bare-board" sound chip demo module ready to install into your item or ready to connect to your PA system at far less you might expect.  I can encode your material or supply stock sounds from my huge personal library.  Many styles and sizes are available.  Specialized functions and controls (LEDs and motor control) are available. Original character voices and scripts are available.  Fast turnaround.  E-mail or call to discuss your needs.  Follow this link for more info:  Sound Chip Modules

Manufacturing - I have access to the best Asian manufacturing facilities through my long time relationships.  Submit your specifications for a competitive quote.

Sound and Light features for your product.  I can animate a product with sound, light and motion.  Custom sound and melody chips, stock sound effects and  melody chips.  Custom programming to create original functions.

Custom content for toys, consumer products, websites, films and commercials.  Original sound effects, music, songs and character voices.  I can help you create characters and script engaging content.  I am an accomplished composer, musician and sound effects engineer.  I also have an available  roster of top voiceover artists and session musicians as well as semi-pros and talented amateurs, plus thousands of sound effects.

Voiceover and post-pro.  Recording, editing and sound effects/sweetening services.

Modules and greeting cards with sound.  Any size any style.  Use one of my existing designs and save the cost of tooling.  I can also tool any size or shape for a modest tooling charge.

Inventor Assistance.  Product development, prototyping, representation.  I can help you brainstorm your idea, make a prototype, and possibly represent your product to the toy or consumer product trade.

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