Port Chester Middle School

Musical Production

"The Music Man"

April 10, 11, 12, 2008

Port Chester, NY

I learned that I was playing bass in this show about a week before the performance.  The trick
was that all I got was a piano score and (luckily) a CD.  Between the piano music and the recording
I was able to fashion a pretty nice bass arrangement.  The band consisted of Colette Smith
(PCMS Vocal Music teach, piano, conductor, music director, Ken Kraut (trumpet),
PCMS Band Director, Rudy Finauer, drums and me.  The kids gave a great performance I really
enjoyed the show.

The "rig."  A 25 year Music Man 130 watt, 4 x 12 in speaker guitar armp (makes a
great bass amp) Carvin LB75 5-string bass.





(L) Getting ready, (R) the band:  Rudy Feinauer (partial), drums, Ken Kraut, trumpet, me, Colette Smith
(piano, conductor, music director).

Another shot of the band, but now you can see Rudy.

It was a cute show.  The kids did a great job.