The Nails

Music  The music they made.

Personnel  The men and women who made the music.

People Who Matter  Those who ran the business and protected our interests.

Photos  What we look like then and now.

I didn't intend for this section to become an anthropological study, but it kind of happened.  I decided early on that I would keep the record of our collective experience.  To that end I kept every article, advert, mention and review.  If the article was in a newspaper, I kept the whole paper.  Likewise for other publications.  I kept 8x10s, posters, lyrics, books and records of account, set lists.  All to the tune of 5 large cartons.  The art and graphics you see within are what I've been able to mine in the time allotted.  I believe there's value in presenting this material.  It chronicles a band that bootstrapped itself (with the help of a dedicated manager) into a major label deal and achieved some success without sucking up to anyone or "selling out." 

Text Box: Venerable company?  Julian Lennon, The Nails, Pat Benatar and Duran Duran