The Mustangs, Williams Square, Irving Texas

By Robert Glen installed in 1984.

Photos by GK (Summer 2000)



 very wise person in my life says that when someone dies a whole encyclopedia of knowledge dies with them.  This goes for every being.  All that experience all that knowledge Ė gone forever.



Itís not enough to acquire know-how. You have to be able to apply it. Itís not enough to acquire and apply know-how. You have to be able to impart it to others. In order to really know, you have to be able to teach. And if itís not worth teaching, itís not worth knowing. This site is dedicated to the free exchange of information.


My Expertise


I began  studying music at 8 years old.  I picked up guitar when I was 11 and played euphonium (and later trombone) in school and guitar on the side.  I am a conservatory-trained musician.  Iíve had a chance to be involved in cutting edge electronics design and manufacturing, to have participated in the PC industry at it's birth, recorded for a major record label as a member of a rock band and been involved in hundreds of projects involving voiceovers and sound effects.  I'm a husband, father and employer.  Most of all I love music.  Throughout my life I've been inspired by my teachers.  Because some very special teachers were so very generous sharing their knowledge with me and because I was able to benefit from that knowledge in ways that changed my life (for the better), I wish to repay their generosity and keep the knowledge alive.  To that knowledge I add my own experience and embellishments.  And So I teach so that I can continue the cycle of passing on know-how from teacher to student.  Today, I am in cutting edge electronics, consulting and do a little music licensing on the side.. I have a couple of private trombone students and I coach the low brass section at our Middle School.  I jam occasionally and play in a local for-hire brass band.  I continue to compose and record for various submissions and hope to complete an album with the Nails sometime soon.


I've acquired an incredible body of knowledge passed on to me.  Today I continue the process by passing on that know-how to my kids, my students and my employees.


Best regards,

George Kaufman


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