Bobby Qs "On the Roof," Westport, Connecticut, October 1, 2005
(benefit for Hurricane Katrina)

Don (our lyricist), negotiated a gig for us in the restaurant last July.  But the real happing venue at Bobby Qs is the rooftop.  Jon (lead singer, rhythm guitarist), made it his cause celebre to get us a booking "On the Roof."  The owner (Bobby) was skeptical.  Jon persevered and we got our booking.  A lot of things could have gone wrong (the weather mainly, which would have caused a really light turnout).  But the weather blessed us by cooperating and served us up a balmy summer-like evening.  We had substantial support from our people but (surprising to management but not to us), we also drew a good number of dining patrons up to the roof to stay, have an after-dinner drink on a nice night and catch our set.  The result was that we made money for the owner (who was very happy) and we were able to donate a nice sum to Save the Children for Katrina aid.

Everyone in the band brought their best to this gig and it showed in audience reaction.  The audience stayed with us through set number two.  The photos below tell the story.

Performance photos: